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How do I post again?

I went to marriage counseling today. Mr. WIn has two goals in mind. One: save money. Two: force me to move where he lives (middle of nowhere WI; in my MIL’s basement; leave my (admittedly part-time, but beloved job); away from my few remaining friends and much farther from my mom.

He thinks he will accomplish this move by by starving me out. What. An. Asshole.

We have been married 17 years as of 10-10-15. THIS is how he wants to bring us together!?!?1!!!1!!!1!1!!!? NEVER. NEVER WILL THIS HAPPEN.


That being said, I have no ideas what to do, to pay rent, to fix my truck, to pay bills. I blame his family, his mother and his sister for starting this, I blame him for going along. Why would any of them think this blackmail/siege would be a good thing? Why?

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