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Jalopniks, a big thanks to all of you who responded to my request for help re: a grinding noise from the right rear of my 2004 Expedition. Took it to the mechanic this morning and it made noise intermittently on the way there. Explained to the mechanic and he didn't have a moment to check it immediately, but said it would be okay to drive a few more miles to another appointment I had then bring it back. Of course, no noise whatsoever to appt. and back. Then the mechanic drove it and checked it and didn't note or hear anything so I took it home. It made a very little noise twice on the way home, so at this point I will be staying in my small town, driving slow for a few days. I did feel the wheel after driving home, and it was not so hot I couldn't touch it. I guess I'll keep my eye and ear on it and bring it in again if needed. Maybe even throw it up on the jack myself to see if the wheel moves. I'll post with any final diagnosis. Again, thank you so much for your ideas and help!


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